Fast and easy to use phone app for Android

Fascinating but functional user interface with complete replacement of incoming/ongoing call screens, contact manager and extended dual SIM support, call recording and more

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What is True Phone

True Phone completely replaces the standard interface for making calls and managing contacts

True Phone makes access to calls, contacts, groups, and favorites incredibly simple and enjoyable. The interface is designed for one-handed operation, making everyday smartphone use exceptionally convenient.

The application supports T9, is easily customizable, features a built-in theme editor, and offers various options for call screen layouts, including full-screen photos.

True Phone is well-optimized and operates quickly, providing a completely different approach to contact management. Viewing and editing take place in one location without the need to open new windows.

Main features

The call interfaces are informative and easily customizable using the built-in editor.

Large-sized photos.

Additional information during calls (work, birthday, notes)

Answering calls in the style of Google, iPhone, Huawei, Meizu, Asus, or simply with two buttons

Customizable button panel during an ongoing conversation

Auto redial and automatic reminders

Call recording

Navigation between Call History, Favorites, Contacts, and Groups is simple and intuitive, achieved through easy swiping gestures

Smart search in call history and contacts

Call history grouping

Advanced Dual SIM support

Support for multiple input languages

Simple and user-friendly interface

Modern, stylish, and easily customizable design

Built-in theme editor

Innovative contact editor that eliminates the need to scroll through endless lists of fields and open new windows

Viewing and editing contacts in one place

Customization of displayed fields in the contact card

Automatic search for duplicates and similar contacts

Import/Export functionality

Data transfer via text or vCard

Creation and editing of groups, group ringtones


Question / Answer

Eleven days after the initial installation, True Phone starts displaying advertisements. The ads are shown only in the contact card and settings. The functionality of the application remains unrestricted. In the paid version, advertisements are removed.

After payment, you receive an activation code, and a copy is sent to your email. In the application, you select your account and enter the code. Advertisements are disabled on all phones associated with the activated account.

Go to True Phone settings, select 'Remove Ads,' choose 'Promo Code.' In the activation window, select the desired account, enter the code, and click Next. Advertisements will be disabled on all phones associated with the selected account.